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Terms & Conditions:


We strive to offer the highest quality and service in the industry. If you notice a problem or have a suggestion please contact us

Discrepancies in count must be reported prior to leaving store.

Orders must be claimed within 15 days


Spot and Stain Removal:

We unfortunately are not able to guarantee spot/stain removal. Charges will still apply even if we are unable to remove spot/stain


We guarantee our work meets industry standards and will refund any charges should you be able to remove spot/stain using   

an alternate cleaner using the same methods indicated on receipt (dry cleaned item can not be washed)


Buttons, Trimmings & Ornamentation:

Because of the wide variety of buttons, sequins, trimmings and/or other ornamentation affixed to garments we can not guarantee these items will not be damaged in the cleaning process. For positive safety for ornamental buttons and trimmings we recommend removing items during the cleaning process. Button removal and replacement is provided and available for a nominal charge


Lost or Damaged Garments:

Because of the wide variety of garments, quality, price as well as location that those items are ultimately purchased from, we utilize an industry standard for any claims arising from loss and/or damage to any garment in our care up to a maximum value of 10 times the cost charged to process that garment 


example:  If the cost to clean a coat is $6.00 then you are covered to a maximum value of $60.00

                   You can purchase additional coverage at a cost of 10% of stated item value


example: if you feel your coat is worth $100.00 you can purchase an additional $40.00 of coverage for an additional $4.00


Return dates and times:

We make every effort possible to have all orders completed by the date and time promised. We unfortunately can not guarantee return dates

Price Adjustments:

We make every effort to categorize items accurately. Occasionally an item may be categorized incorrectly resulting in an increase in the cost of processing a garment. We will make every effort to contact customer to confirm that he/she would like item cleaned at the higher price. This is not always possible and customer agrees to any re-categorization and associated charges. Customer can indicate at bottom of invoice should he/she want to opt out of automatic re-categorization.

Leather & Swede:

Because leather and swede are natural materials, we can not guarantee results. We will use extreme care utilizing industry standards during cleaning of your garments. Customer understands that in certain circumstances color variations may occur in the material. Cracking and peeling can occur around stitched areas and that sheen of material could be noticeable. As a result, customer accepts inherent risk in cleaning these items and will hold company harmless. Customer will be liable for all cleaning costs regardless of item condition.


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